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Bowl Patrol

Bowl Patrol is Australia’s only NATIONAL JUNIOR TENPIN BOWLING program designed specifically for primary school children.

It is an 8 week program that starts the second week of each term.

It teaches the fundamental skills of the sport and improves co-ordination and balance.

Bowl Patrol is FAST, FUN and ACTIVE and promotes skill development, a sense of achievement, socialisation and teamwork.


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Program Features

  •  8 WEEK PROGRAM: 60 minute sessions once per week
  • ON THE MOVE: Maximum of 3 kids per lane so they are always active
  • SHORTENED LANES: Modified length to match ability of each child
  • SHORTENED GAMES: 5-Frame games (half a normal game) to keep children focused
  • CHALLENGING:  No bumpers or ramps used to ensure skill development
  • 6 LEVELS of ACHIEVEMENT: progression based on skill not age
  • MODIFIED SCORING: Simplified scoring designed for kids
  • LANE RANGERS: Program delivered by trained facilitators
  • REWARDING: Recognition of individual achievements and progress


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Bowl Patrol in an initiave of Tenpin Bowling Australia, in conjuction with Computer Score scoring systems.

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